For over 100 years, St. Peter’s Club has been in the forefront of promoting sport and cultural activities for the youth of the area. The Junior Committee is very active in organising coaching, games and social activities for youth members. The Club has also enjoyed very strong links with local primary and post primary schools.

In 2010, the club created a new position of Schools Club Liaison Officer and Anne McCormack was elected Schools Club Liaison Officer. GAA President Christy Cooney launched the Club / St. Dallan’s Noticeboard in St. Dallan’s in April 2010.  The current Club School Liaison Officer is Brigid Carr.

The club also created a new position for a Childrens Officer in 2010 and Carrie Crawford was elected to this post.  The current Club Childrens Safety Officer is Anne McCormack.

A former member Patrick McGivern was Chairman of the Ulster GAA Schools Competition (Cumann na mBunscoil) and a member of the GAA Central Council.