****Pre-Season is back****

Cumann Pheadair Naofa coaches and Games Coaching Development Committee have had a very busy September to December preparing for the new season. Without doubt, every club has a look at their coaching policies and education in the off-season and strives to find the next step.

Cumann Pheadair Naofa Games Coaching & Development Committee have devised a plan that we believe will be of maximum benefit to any young person who wants to join our club. We understand that not all will stay for life and become senior players, however, our aim is to give any young person who wishes to start their sporting life with Cumann Pheadair Naofa the best possible guidance and start to their athletic life.

The plan covers a number of key areas, all vital for proper athletic development & tailored to various age groups. These areas are:

* Running mechanics techniques;

* Core proficiency techniques. A stable core is the foundation upon which strong athletic development is built;

* Agility/Evasion techniques;

* Mini-resistance band tutorial;

* Linear acceleration and sprinting mechanics drills;

* Plyometric drills to boost sprinting speed;

* Flexibility & stretching session for advancing the range of movement (ROM) & injury prevention;

* RAMP warm-up Protocol (Raise, Activation, Mobilisation, Potentiate;

* Olympic weight lifting development programme.

Every aspect of this carefully planned model will complement each phase and advance our players’ performance level. The main aim is to make our players more robust and introduce them to injury prevention drills with the objective of reducing injury and associated insurance claims

Our club coaches, who had only just put their feet up after a hard 2018 season, have been attending informative interactive classes over the past 3 weeks. We, the club, are proud to have such dedicated men and women, who put everything on hold to make sure that they can give their very best to children of Warrenpoint over the next 10 months. This commitment many make year after year, making huge sacrifices for families to feel part of a community.

We the club are in awe of you all, thank you, and wish you all the best in the new season.

Time Table of events
6th January 2-5pm Registration St Peter’s Clubrooms, Mary Street all age groups Club Athletic Development
7th January 6-7pm U/16 Ladies, St Mark’s sports hall 7-8pm U/10 Boys, St Mark’s sports hall 8-9pm Minor Boys, St Mark’s sports hall
8th January 6-7pm U/16 Boys, St Mark’s sports hall 6-7pm U/10 Ladies, St Mark’s main gym 7-8pm U/12 Boys, St Mark’s sports hall 7-8pm U/12 Ladies, St Mark’s main gym
9th January 6-7pm U/14 Boys, St Mark’s sports hall 6-7pm U/14 Ladies, St Mark’s main gym

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