March 14th, 2020 | Latest News

COVID-19 Club Response

A chairde, as the situation develops around the measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we as a Club operating at the heart of our local community for whole of family for whole of life want to be available to help the  most vulnerable people in our community.

Our social media platforms and website will be carrying a post offering help to the elderly and vulnerable in the community. We have set up a group within the club to coordinate any requests. The coordinators of the group will be Colette Lock and Daniel Bird.

If you find yourself or family isolated in the coming weeks- Please avail of our support, we can help collect groceries, medicines etc.

If you would like to be part of a response team- send us a direct message or contact any member of the senior committee so that we can add you to our contact group to deal with requests.

Working together as a united club team, we are confident that we can respond to any challenges that arise in our local community