Ballela                                     8-7

Cumann Pheadaír Naofa       4-4

The young u13 travelled to Ballela in their second game of the shield. They put pressure on a strong Ballela team from the start. Jamie Lock was first to open the score for Cumann Pheadaír Naofa with a point, followed closely by a goal from Lorcán Rowntree. The defence of John-Joe Boyle, Ethan McFerran and Finn Digney were a hard trio assisting Gerard McConville in the big goals. Midfielder Ciaran McMahon was quick and scored 2 points just before half time leaving the score as 1-3 to 4-0 to Ballela Right into the start of second half great skills and teamwork from Oisín McGivern and Jason Duffy from midfield pushing the sliotar up to Cillian McCarty who worked tirelessly and was unfortunate not to get the score but assisted brilliantly in securing a goal from Jamie. Another combination of teamwork with Jamie and Lorcán got another goal into the back of the net and followed next by a superb pull on the ball from Gerard to secure a goal for the blues and just before the final whistle a point from Jamie.

The skill, determination and teamwork of each player was outstanding and really put pressure on Ballela from start to finish.