March 1st, 2021 | Latest News

2021 Registration

While we still learn to live with Covid-19, while restrictions are still in place and while our young people are still not able to train together, we as a club, managers, mentors and committees continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes planning for the much anticipated 2021 season. We have coaches starting and updating coaching courses, we continue to upgrade, refurbish and maintain our club facilities. Our games committees are currently setting up management teams, completing child protection courses, submitting access NI documentation and purchasing new equipment to enhance training and playing. Our cultural section are virtually meeting and rehearsing, providing us all with much needed entertainment!

We wait in hope that once restrictions are soon lifted that our youth and senior teams and groups can immediately, on that day, step onto their beloved training fields and dancing floors, so to that end we encourage everyone to register now to ensure the smooth transition back to training. Registration takes time & everyone must be registered before they can participate in any club activities

Registration can be completed online via the following link and by following our user registration guide link:

Down draw tickets are a huge fundraiser for the Club and we encourage all our members to include the purchase of one within their membership.